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Protective Rug Pads are material that is placed under an area rug to prevent slippage, absorb sound, extend the life of the Oriental area rug; and make the rug feel softer and more luxurious under your feet. Older rugs, smaller rugs, extra thin and soft rugs, rugs that have been patched and repaired, and rugs with weak foundations are especially in need of rug pads. However, in general, rug pads are essential for all types, sizes and thicknesses of rugs. Regardless of your area rug's condition or origin, regular area rug cleaning and a good rug pad will preserve and protect, as well as extend the life of your specialty or Oriental area rug by a few decades – and that is a sound investment. We service the following areas: Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Durham, Louisburg, Youngsville, Franklinton, Rolesville, Apex, Creedmoor (and many more). 

Recommended Rug Pads

Although there are many rug pads on the market to choose from, there are few types of desirable rug pads, which are consistently recommended by Oriental and specialty area rug experts. 

  • Our recommended eco-friendly rug pad is the perfect option for any type of area rug. 
  • We use and recommend an eco-friendly rug pad that is made from 28 ounce synthetic felt. 
  • This type of dense pad is safe and efficient for both hardwood floors, as well as carpet flooring, as it grips well to either one and prevents rug movement and sliding. 
  • The felt is made from 100% recycled post synthetic fibers and will not stain, discolor, or damage your flooring. 
  • These exclusive rug pads also include the new closed cell technology providing a moisture barrier to prevent most spills or soiling from soaking through to your flooring. 
  • Our eco-friendly rug pads are also non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Custom Cut Rug Pads

We custom cut all our pads in our rug facility, so we can accommodate any size your area rug may need. Keep in mind that the pad should be cut one inch shorter than your rug all the way around, excluding the fringe. Let us handle this process for you. We will cut custom rug pads to fit any shape and size of rug you may have. 


a technician cutting padding material