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A custom bordered rug is simply a rug that is bound with a border. The rug itself can be made from different materials, like sisal or broadloom, but the borders are what makes the piece eye-catching. The rug's borders help make the rug look straight and give it a nice, strong shape. The borders also give the rug some weight, to keep the rug in its place. But, what makes a custom bordered rug unique is that it has more variety. Because unlike the other rugs, a custom bordered rug can have different colors, from the rug’s material to the borders themselves.

Custom Bordered Rug

With that in mind, maintaining a custom bordered rug’s appearance is crucial. However, it is not always simple to do. Although a custom bordered rug is meant for rooms with high foot traffic, the rug can still receive a lot of wear and tear. Ripped edges, faded colors, and stubborn stains are common rug damages that can seriously lower a custom bordered rug’s appearance. To solve this problem, it is best that you leave the rug cleaning and maintenance up to the professionals, and if you are in need of a custom rug cleaning service in the areas of Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and The Triangle, don’t hesitate to contact Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services today.

The Advantage of Professional Cleaning

Fixing your damaged custom bordered rug yourself is just not a good idea. If you are unfamiliar with your rug’s materials, you can add to the damage by using the wrong cleaning technique or chemicals. Not to mention, if the rug’s borders are already in bad shape, you probably don’t have the means to restore them their original shape, which is why we, at Pettyjohn’s, offer professional area rug cleaning services. We have the necessary equipment to clean and maintain your custom bordered rugs, and bring them back to life. Our service costs less than having to replace your entire rug, and is quick and easy to do. If you are interested in having your custom bordered rug cleaned, just give us a contact us at 919-289-8424, and we’ll be happy to help your rug look brand new!