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The sheepskin rug is a natural lambskin pelt featuring sueded leather on one side and on the other, soft, plush wool. It's one of nature's best sources of insulation. Sheepskin naturally repels dirt, is water resistant, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic and when cared for properly, is a testament of quality and luxury. While it needs a little more care, the beauty and comfort it gives to a room is priceless, a piece of effortless style for your room. 

The cleaning of a sheepskin rug is simpler than you think:

Rules for Sheepskin Rugs

- Keep away from direct sunlight
- Don't keep them in plastic bags; let the material breathe
- Don't brush when wet
- Look for a leather/sheepskin specialty cleaner, if you wish to dryclean it. A regular dry-cleaner may strip the garment of its natural oils, because of the treatment involved.


Small Spills - Get a damp cloth to clean up the spills, pluck debris or dirt stains using tweezers. If you have any green cloth-brite pads available, you can use those to gently revive the suede.

Liquids - Get a layer of corn starch and sprinkle it onto the stain. The worse the stain, the longer the corn starch should stay. Afterwards, gently dust off the corn starch and get a suede brush to brush the suede. If your rug happens to have a napa finish, don't get a suede brush and instead use a very soft towel.

Drying the Sheepskin

Use a clean towel and gently place the sheepskin on it before pulling the leather into its proper shape, making sure that its flat. What you want to make sure is that it dries far away from artificial heat, or direct sunlight because the leather may shrink, or even worse--harden. If you must tumble-dry your sheepskin, do it on low heat, but be reminded that this may take awhile. Resist the temptation to speed up the entire drying process, lest you ruin the sheepskin.

Natural air flow is key in this situation, and allow it to slowly dry in the shade.

While the wool is still pretty damp, get a metal bristle sheepskin brush and brush it out, gently. When the day is very warm, the sheepskin will dry much faster. As it dries, brush the sheepskin and when it's completely dry, give it one last brush so that it'll look fluffy, completely clean and good as new.

To absolutely avoid fading, sheepskins should be protected from UV or reflected sunlight.

The Importance of Having your Sheepskin Rug Professionally Cleaned

The sheepskin rug requires a very gentle hand and precise tools to ensure that it won't be ruined during the entire washing, drying and brushing process. To avoid ruining your luxurious rug, it's recommended that you look for professionals who can do an excellent job of preserving the beauty of your sheepskin while cleaning it, making it look as good as new for years to come. While you can clean it yourself, the risk of accidentally shrinking or ruining the leather is quite high, and so it's highly recommended that you choose us, Pettyjohn's, for all your carpet-related cleaning needs.

Why Choose Pettyjohn’s for all your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Here at Pettyjohn's, we take carpet cleaning very seriously. We have the latest and greatest techniques, equipment and experience to perfect our cleaning services. Well-versed with all types of carpeted surfaces, you can be sure that our workers know how to deal with nearly every unsightly stain or damage to your beautiful, delicate carpet. We also offer cleanups for pet stainsarea rug protection and even tile and grout cleaning, and many more! So if you are living in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle, Fayetteville & surrounding areas in North Carolina, and are in need of our services, call us at: 919-289-8424 or visit our contact page here.