DIY Carpet Cleaning: How to Care for Your Carpet at Home

using a carpet sprayGood carpet care is important in maintaining the appearance of your carpet and making it last a lifetime. Although experts recommend that your carpet should be cleaned by a professional cleaning service about once a year, there are many ways that you can care for your carpet in between professional cleanings.

Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services offers you the following advice on carpet care:

Use walk off mats at entrances and exits. When dirt and dust enter the base fibers of the carpet, they will cause a lot of damage. Studies show the majority of soiling is removed from your shoes in the first 15 steps. Use walk off mats at entrances and exits in order to prevent soil particles from tracking into your home or business and onto the carpet.

Regular vacuuming does wonders. Vacuuming regularly removes dust and allergens that may build up in your carpeting or rugs. Sand and dirt particulates are sharp and can cause excessive wear to fibers if not removed regularly. Carpet acts like a giant air filter, trapping dust and dirt particulates. This filter must be cleaned regularly!

Blot out the spot quick. Immediate attention to spots and spills will help to prevent them from becoming stains. Use a mild spot cleaner and blot it out with a cotton cloth. Check out our Spot Cleaning page for detailed instructions!

Rotate area rugs regularly. Rotating Oriental rugs and area rugs will help to ensure the rug wears evenly. If you are always walking on one edge of the rug, for example, rotating the rug will prevent that side of the rug from receiving all of the wear and traffic. This tactic can also be beneficial in rooms where natural light may cause the exposed rug to fade over time.

If you find that your carpet still needs help after these tips, it needs restorative treatment. You can get in touch with Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services by calling 919-289-8424 to give your carpet the treatment it needs. In case you need more than just carpet cleaning in Raleigh, NC, we also perform area rug repairs, rug protection, pet stain removal, and water damage remediation. Call us and we’ll help your carpet look like new again.