Repairing a Damaged Rug in Raleigh, NC: Yes It's Possible!

When your carpet gets soiled, burned, or loses its fabric, it’s hard to not panic or feel bad. A carpet is a work of art and it looks less like a prized possession if it bears cigarette marks. Chin up. There are ways to repair your carpet and get it back to its like-new appearance.

Follow these three standard tips for repairing a damaged rug:

Measuring tape on carpet

Cut Loose Threads Cleanly

For any signs of fuzzing, shredding, snagging, and sprouting, take a pair of scissors and cut the threads cleanly. Sprouting and pilling are inherent qualities in many types of wool rugs.  If you see the edge of your carpets fray at the seams, cut the loose threads with the scissors. Trimming the threads short is a way to prevent the damage from getting worse. 

Treat Stains on the Spot

When you see someone spill something or drop food on the carpet, immediately take care of it. Remove solids first, then use a smooth cotton fabric to blot the spot out. Don’t wipe it because you risk smearing the spot as well as causing damage to the carpet fibers.

Get Replacement Pieces for Your Carpet

If someone burns a part of your carpet or violently scuffs out a part until it is bald, there may be some options for bonded inserts in the affected area.

If the damage to your carpet is extensive, it is time to get a professional rug repair service to finish the job for you. Get Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for any carpet repair jobs in Raleigh or Wake Forest, North Carolina. We don’t just mend and repair carpets; we also do custom rug pads, perform professional carpet cleaning, and remediate water damage. You can get in touch with us by calling 919-289-8424 or using the forms in any of the pages on this site. Pettyjohn’s is the name you can trust when it comes to rugs and carpets.