Simple Tips on How to Clean Your Delicate Rugs

a photo of a pink sheepskin rug

There is a certain social and aesthetical appeal when a rug is placed in the center of a room. No matter what the type or style, rugs are soft to the soul and can spark interesting conversation. For example, if a Persian or oriental rug is displayed in the center of the living room, your guests cannot help but gaze upon its deep colors and intricate design, and may inquire as to where you have purchased that rug. If the rug was made out of soft New Zealand wools, your guests, especially children, are tempted to place their hand or their foot on the rug and brush their skin upon the rug’s surface.

With that kind of interaction, it is a fact that rugs grant a warm and positive feeling both physically and emotionally on each person. However, to continue that desired environment in social areas of your home, your rugs must be cleaned and maintained routinely in order to preserve their form, color, and keep insects and microorganisms from nesting between the rug’s fibers.


Persian and Oriental Rugs


Regular vacuum maintenance and immediate attention to spots and spills are two of the best practices you can use on your handmade rugs. 

Fur and Sheepskin Rugs


Careful vacuuming without the use of the beater bar is the best way to remove dry soiling from fur and sheepskin or flokati style rugs. 

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