The Timeless Beauty of Oriental Rugs

Intricate Oriental Rugs from IranWhat is an oriental rug and what rugs can you consider part of this particular type of floor covering? As the name suggests, these are rugs that are made in the Orient, which can mean any country in Asia. Some of the most popular countries where these come from include Turkey, China, India, and Vietnam, to mention but a few. For a rug to be considered an authentic oriental one, it should be handmade by artisans from any area in Asia.

Oriental rugs and carpets are classified according to where these are made. You may have heard of a few of these, like Persian rugs and Arabian rugs. The former is probably one of the most popular types around and is usually copied by others for its intricate designs. These rugs are made in Iran (which was formerly called Persia), which is the world’s foremost maker and exporter of handmade rugs and carpets.

The art of making these intricate rugs in Asia date back to ancient times, with researchers and scientists claiming that the earliest versions of these floor coverings were first made in 500 B.C. Some even claim that these have been around for even longer. This clearly shows that such rugs are indeed timeless since they have been manufactured and used for centuries.

Meaning Behind Oriental Rug Colors and Patterns

You might not be aware of it, but the patterns and colors that go on authentic oriental rugs actually have meanings. Since these are made in countries that are steeped in tradition and history, it is but natural for these designs to come with various meanings. For example, if you see a rug that comes with a ram horn design, this rug is said to depict male fertility. Rugs that are colored brown are also said to be rugs that signify fertility.

Other commonly used designs for these rugs include various animals, and plants. For rugs that use animals, some of the most popular ones have fish, dragons, camels, elephants and peacocks on them. Fish signify prosperity, dragons represent the emperor, camels are for wealth, elephants are for power, and peacocks represent divine protection. For rugs with plant designs on them, the more popular ones include those with bamboo (honor and wealth), lilies (purity), carnation (wisdom) and weeping willows (meditation) on them.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

As with other types of floor coverings, your oriental rugs should be cared for and properly maintained to help keep them clean and healthy. Aside from daily care, which you can do yourself by carefully brushing or sweeping dirt off of your rug, annual washing is also highly recommended. Washing your rugs yourself is not advised or recommended due the nature of hand made rugs. Finding a trained professional to care for your rugs will help to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

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