The Top Causes of Plumbing Leaks

A plumber fixing a leaking sinkPlumbing leaks are among the most common water-related problems that people experience in their properties in North Carolina. Leaks can be caused by a number of factors, and each of these factors can work alone or in combination with the others to make a headache-inducing negative impact on households and office environments. What can bring about such problems to your plumbing system? Read on and find out.

  • Corrosion and rusting – In the old days, galvanized steel was used a lot in the manufacturing of water pipes. However, over time, the protective zinc coating of these pipes eventually eroded away, making way for rust to develop and weaken the pipes. The hardy copper pipes used today, while resistant to rusting, are vulnerable to other types of corrosion, such as when they react with the materials used for soldering. Nowadays, PVC plastic pipes are also commonly used, but the other portions of plumbing systems are still susceptible to rusting.
  • Shifting in the earth – Shifting ground within your property can damage your underground pipes. This can be caused by localized earth movements as well as earthquakes.
  • Tree roots – If your pipes run across the root systems of the trees in your yard, they can get damaged due to the pressure that the tree roots exert as they grow.
  • Frozen pipes – If you live in an area where sub-zero weather is common during the winter months, the water in your pipes can become frozen. If they are not properly winterized, heated, or insulated, the pipes can break due the pressure caused by the expansion of the frozen water.
  • Sediment and impurities – Over time, sediments and other impurities can clog your plumbing system. One household equipment that susceptible to this problem is the water heater, so make sure that it is always well-maintained.
  • Erosion due to water velocity – Fast moving water can cause erosion in places where obstruction to water flow occurs. These include the parts of the system where there are sharp turns, soldering burrs, and internal ridges.
  • Wear and tear – Many household fixtures and appliances have moving parts that are susceptible to wear and tear, and this deterioration can cause leaks to occur. Faucets, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers are just some of these.

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