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Why You Should Get a Rug Pad for Your Carpet in Wake Forest, North Carolina

A rug isn’t made to withstand constant pressure. Heavy foot traffic puts a toll on any carpet. If you put it in an area which sees a lot of people come and go, sooner orcustom rug pad later the carpet will wear out and may show damage.

If you want to prolong your carpet’s life, you can invest in rug pads. A rug pad is an extra layer that goes between the floor and the rug and protects it from abrasion and excessive pressure. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a rug pad:

Adds Years to Your Rug

Due to the pressures from foot traffic or furniture, carpets can thin out due to abrasion from their undersides. This degrades the backing of the carpet. A rug pad will help soften the impact from traffic by providing a layer of padding between the rug and hard flooring. Consider a 120-pound woman wearing stilettos. while walking, she places one heel on the rug. In that instant, there is 120 pounds per square inch pressure on your rug. Having proper padding underneath will help to preserve the structure by easing the impact on the backing of the rug.

Comfort and Safety

If you love how a carpet feels underneath your feet, you’ll love carpets that are extra-thickened by rug pads. This is the thickest product for the best under-foot feel. Since carpets don’t easily cling to smooth surfaces, they can actually cause people to slip. Children & pets who like running around the living room are susceptible to this. Rug pads will make the carpet a lot safer by securing it in place and causing less of a sliding hazard.

Moisture Barrier

Our rug pad utilizes a Closed Cell Technology that provides a moisture barrier preventing most spills or pet accidents from soaking through to ruin the floor beneath. The non-skid diamond backing will not stain, discolor, or mar your carpet or floor.

Rug pads may just give your rug another layer but the advantages it gives are well worth the price that you’ll invest in one. If you’re looking to buy a rug pad for your carpet in Wake Forest, North Carolina, don’t hesitate to call on Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. We don’t just provide rug protection, we also do rug repair, custom rug pads, wooden floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pet stain removal. Pettyjohn’s is the name you can trust that provides cleaning you can count on.