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Filtration Soiling Cleaning Services

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Carpets may be expansive, but its size also comes with its own sets of problems. There is no doubt that this type of flooring is convenient and comfortable, and it is no surprise that it has become the number one choice for a lot of property owners. However, carpets are not very easy to maintain. When it comes to its cleaning and overall maintenance, you must be particular with the products and equipment you must use. Although most spots (e.g. dust, liquid, food stains, and pet odors) can be remedied through regular cleaning and maintenance, tackling tough filtration soil stains should be handled by the professionals.  

What is Filtration Soiling?

Filtration Soiling air flow

Filtration soil stains are those black soil lines you see in the carpet along the sides of your stairs, doorways, and baseboards. It is created from oils and very fine molecules that can latch on to your carpets via an electrical charge. Sometimes it is created from the air pollutants that are emitted by your furnaces and heaters, which then fall on to your carpets once it rises and cools. Othertimes, it comes from normal dirt and dust that is tracked into your home that may not come up since the vacuum cannot get to the baseboards and areas next to walls. These types of stains are known to be difficult to remove making it is difficult to solve the problem all on your own.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Near You

Filtration soil stains affects the color and appearance of your carpets. If you use improper cleaning products and methods, its original appearance will be lost in discoloration and color fading. We, at Pettyjohn’s, understand the delicateness of your carpets. With our experts on the job, it is certain that those unsightly blemishes will disappear in no time. We are well-versed with the various kinds of carpet cleaning techniques and are fully equipped to handle all sorts of carpet cleaning jobs.

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