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Car Odors

Pettyjohn’s Automotive Customer Care service utilizes our unique Just Gone System™ to safely remove all odors while also sanitizing the car. Our process safely kills all of the harmful bacteria, virus and fungi, including any mold and bacteria lurking in your air conditioning system. The odors which existed due to the germs, mold and bacteria are eliminated as well, whether it is smoke, pet odor, body odor or mold! This service is ideal for Car Dealers and Car Rental agencies as it provides your customers the comfort of knowing that the car they drive off the lot is free of harmful bacteria, fungus, mold and odor. Whether the car is a rental, a pre-owned or even brand new, our Automotive Customers Care service will eliminate the bacteria and odor causing microbes including VOC’s, all in a matter of minutes with no adverse effects on people, pets or the environment. 

For the car owners it should not be a big surprise, considering how much time we spend in our cars, that they are harboring potentially dangerous pathogens. The commute to work, then kids off to practice, or games, meetings, shopping, the meals or the run, add in our beloved pets and smelly athletic equipment, all in a small confined space, the perfect environment for bacteria, virus and mold to thrive, feeding on discarded food particles and spelled soft drinks and coffee. Researchers have found that he average car is home to a multitude of germs and bacteria. In one square centimeter scientists found anywhere from 280 to 850 different types of bacteria. The highest concentration of bacteria was found on the steering wheel, gear shift and dashboard where germs can live for weeks or even months. The interior surfaces are typically not the only areas contaminated, the air-conditioning systems are prone to mold and bacteria growth as well. The unpleasant odor that penetrates the upholstery, carpets, plastics and air conditioning system is a direct result of the microbial contamination in the car. 

Our process only takes 1 hour.

We also offer service plan options (weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly) as well as emergency services. Don't let odors prvent you from selling your car at its full value!

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If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay.


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