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A home cannot be called as such, if both the interior and exterior areas do not project a comfortable environment. It is a fact that your properties have becomes your refuge, your safe haven if you will, from the stresses you experience at work, school, and the like. Being welcomed by a clean and bright atmosphere after a day full of errands is the best feeling in the whole world, however, maintaining this space is a challenge, especially with the numerous alarming situations coming left and right.

No matter how hard you protect your home from unforeseen circumstances, there will always be a time wherein your property will experience a severe moment in time. Be it a strong storm or a massive leak, seeing your living spaces in disarray is not only disheartening but irritating as well. That is why we, at Pettyjohn’s are prepared to relieve you from these pesky problems, with the help of our professional cleanup and restoration crew and equipment.

If you are living within the surrounding area of Cary, North Carolina, contact us today and you can choose from an array of services which include:

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Get to Know the Town of Cary, NC

As of the census conducted in the year 2010, the town of Cary has been the home of 135,234 people and counting. This is the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina, and the second most populous incorporated town in the United States. With its streets lined with trees and well-groomed subdivisions, Cary has certainly achieved a charming appearance.

Historically, the town of Cary today began as a settlement called Bradford’s Ordinary in the year 1750. However, when the construction of the North Carolina Railroad began – which was 100 years later – the town’s name was soon about to change. When a Wake county farmer named Francis “Frank” Page and his wife “Kate” Rabeotaeu Page bought 300 acres of land surrounding the railroad junction in 854, he proceeded to name his development, Cary, developer. He was the man who laid out the town’s first streets, sawmill, general store, and a post office; and after all his hard work, he became the first mayor of Cary on April 6 1871.

Today, Cary has grown into a full-blown town complete with recreational areas for golf and tennis, a handful of parks for their local wildlife and residents, and events such as the Spring Daze Arts & Crafts Festival and the Cary Diwali Celebration.