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Professional Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Pettyjohn’s Cleaning has been proudly serving the Raleigh Triangle area of North Carolina since 1989 with rug cleaning services. The goal of every service we provide is to provide a healthy and clean indoor environment that you share with family and friends. We do this by working sustainably, ethically, and ergonomically.

Pettyjohn’s Rug Cleaning Services

We offer residential and commercial area rug cleaning, upholstery fabric protection with our rug protectionprofessional rug resizingrug fringe repair, and rug side cording repair. We also offer custom fitted rug pads to our customers.

Robert and Karen Pettyjohn are the owners of Pettyjohn’s, located in Wake Forest, NC. The Pettyjohn family has been cleaning Oriental rugs in the Wake Forest, Raleigh, and Greater Triangle area for the past 30+ years! We focus on consumer education, compassionate expertise, and our experience has allowed us to dedicate our company to provide the most cutting-edge service in the industry.

Rug Cleaning & Repair

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Pettyjohn’s utilizes a proprietary rug cleaning process to guarantee that your floor fittings leave our shop spotless. This video demonstrates how we take your worn and soiled rugs and return them to prime condition.

We understand that each and every rug is unique, and we tailor our services to match its specific needs. Generally, our area rug cleaning process consists of tumble dusting, air dusting, washing, gentle agitation, detail work, ringing, centrifuge, brooming, and drying.

Rug Cleaning Process

Complimentary Rug Pick Up Within Our Normal Service Area

$200 Minimum. Rug Must be Rolled and Ready to Pick Up. Surcharge Applied for Buildings With Elevators & Limited Accessibility

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Need a Quote? What to Know Before You Call:

Every rug has a story! We want to know more about your rug’s story so that we can provide the best experience. Think of this like an interview, where we ask questions to get to know you and your rug a little better. The more information you can provide us regarding your rug, the better we will be able to help you! It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers, so don’t stress too much over it. We typically ask questions like:  

  1. What kind of rug do you have? (Examples of answers could be: a Karastan, an old Persian rug, a shaggy rug, or a rug from Home Depot.)
  2. What size is your rug? (Include fringes. Note: the tag is generally not accurate.)
  3. Where did you purchase the rug? (A big box store, a local consignment store, overseas? Sometimes knowing where you purchased the rug can help us narrow down what kind of rug it might be!)
  4. What is the fiber content of the rug? (Wool? Cotton? Polyester? A blend?)
  5. Is there a tag? (This can give an indication of material and size, however we rarely come across a tag that has an accurate measurement so keep in mind our sight-unseen quote is only as accurate as the information we receive.)
  6. How old is your rug? (Purchased new two years ago, purchased from a consignment store – can indicate your rug has a history that you cannot know!)
  7. Has it ever been cleaned before? (Other cleaners don’t always rinse out the cleaning solutions completely, and home extraction machines do not have sufficient suction to rinse properly either.)
  8. Have there ever been any pets in the home? (We see so many unknown accidents from visiting grand-pets and neighbor pets!)
  9. Do you have any particular concerns on your rug? (Pet accidents like urine or vomitcoffee or wine spills, your child drew with sharpie, or possible moth damage from long term storage.)
  10. What else would you like us to know about this rug? (Did your grandparents make it while they were courting? True story! Did you buy it on your honeymoon? How special! Does it match the window treatments and the sofa and the formal China? Of course we realize how important it is to clean this rug!)

We are honored that you trust us to care for your precious rugs!

Our Normal and Extended Service Areas Include:

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Professional Rug Cleaning in Raleigh, Wake Forest NC

Sometimes you can accomplish some simple stain cleaning on your own, however, you have to be careful you don’t ruin and cause additional damage. This is where a professional rug cleaning comes in. Pettyjohn’s Cleaning is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification). With these designations, you can trust that we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to clean your rugs and protect your carpet and furniture. Pettyjohn’s Cleaning has gone through the exhaustive process to learn the principals and standards of care for rug cleaning set by the IICRC.