Spot Cleaning Guide for fabrics and textiles treated with Fiber ProTector® by Pettyjohn's

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The Bible says, “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.” The same can be said about spots and spills on your carpet, upholstery, or other fine textiles. Rapid spot removal, combined with frequent vacuuming, proper walk-off mats and regular professional cleaning, will keep your home healthy and looking great. This care will preserve your textile investment for years.

Before: It will be very helpful to have a few items organized before the event of a spot or spill. First of all, watch the videos on this page to familiarize yourself with the spotting process. You may even want to practice on a spot! Second, prepare your spotting kit (ProFlekk, white paper towelettes or clean white cotton washcloth) and tell your family where it is! Third, Determine the nap direction of your carpet, rug, or plush upholstery. Keep in mind, each rug will have its own nap direction. (This technique is demonstrated in the above video.)

Getting comfortable with spot removal techniques before you need to employ them will help you remain calmer during an actual spill event!

During: When a spill occurs, whether your best friend knocks over her Pinot Noir or your son’s chocolate birthday cake topples off the plate, take a deep breath – your textile is ProTected! Gently blot with a clean paper towelette. DO NOT RUB. If spot persists, moisten with ProFlekk spot and stain releaser. Allow 5 minutes for textile to absorb ProFlekk then blot with paper towelette. Rinse with clean water and blot with paper towelette to absorb as much moisture as possible.

Repeat if necessary.

If you do not have the time, talent, or temperament to do this, we will gladly perform the spot removal for 50% off Pettyjohn’s standard cleaning rates for two years from treatment date on treated items. Simply call 919-289-8424 to schedule an appointment.

After: Now that your spill is taken care of, go ahead and tell your friends about the excellent service you’ve received from Fiber ProTector by Pettyjohn’s! Double check your spotting kit is back in the designated location, and that you have enough ProFlekk. If you find you are running low on spotter, simply give us a call at 919-289-8424 or vist our contact Pettyjohn's page to send us a message and we will refill the bottle.