Area Rug Side Cord Repair

Area Rug Side Cord Serge Repair in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, NC

Quite often, the side edges of an Oriental rug or area rug receive daily abuse from pets and vacuum cleaners, as well as regular foot traffic. Depending on the construction of your rug, the side cord might be a continuation of the foundation or possibly just a decorative finishing effect. On many hand-knotted rugs, the wrap on the edge of the rug actually includes the terminal warp of the foundation. On machine-made rugs, the binding is an attractive way to finish the edge of the rug to prevent fraying. Allowing loose, frayed, or broken side cords to remain unrepaired can cause the rug to lose structural integrity and potentially fall apart. Loose strings on the side of the rug can also be a trip hazard.

The sides of your Oriental or area rugs must be secured with wool, cotton or synthetic thread to protect them and keep them from unraveling. We offer both hand stitching and machine serging, depending on rug construction and the appearance you are trying to achieve. The process of serging gives your rug a fine finished look while securing edges. Before we begin the serging process, we make sure your rug edges are solid enough. If your area rug edges require repairs, we reinforce them prior to serging to add durability and make the repairs last.

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Binding Repair

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At Pettyjohn’s Cleaning & Restoration, we have the skills and resources to properly repair and restore all types of bindings and edges. We understand that each rug has its own considerations and we are prepared to address each situation individually. Your rug will be in good hands, so give us a call at 919-556-4641. We have thousands of happy clients located in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle, Fayetteville and the surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Side Cord and Edge Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners can be very aggressive on the side cording and fringes of a rug. Using the “suction only” setting is usually the safest method to vacuum your rugs and remove abrasive dry soiling. Attend to spots and spills as you notice them by blotting with a gentle rug cleaner, like Pettyjohn’s Extremely Clean Spot Cleaner.

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