Why Choose Pettyjohn's

The Rugwasher team got its start many years ago in the wall-to-wall carpet cleaning business. During that time we developed a real expertise in the methods and techniques that are necessary to clean the highly durable nylon or Olefin carpet that is found in most homes and businesses.

And, like most people, we were captivated by the beauty of Oriental and other fine area rugs that we saw in our customers’ homes.

When we discovered that the same techniques were often being used to clean valuable hand-made wool and silk Oriental and other fine contemporary area rugs, we were horrified! Synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting can withstand mechanical scrubbing, strong cleaning agents, high-pressure spraying and high-temperature cleaning; but these techniques will damage fine rugs permanently.

After conducting intensive research into traditional rug cleaning, we determined that the “old country” methods of total immersion and gentle cleaning in moving water was the safest and the best in terms of removing the maximum amount of soil and returning rugs to their highest appearance level without damaging the rug.

But washing rugs in the nearest river is not a practical option…

That’s when we discovered a unique type of equipment that replicated the traditional methods of cleaning while delivering the best cleaning results we had ever seen—probably better than hand washing in the nearest river or stream (and better for the environment, too!)

This equipment allows us to utilize a process that is like sending your rug to a spa! Even the most delicate rugs can be safely cleaned in our total immersion process. Once the soil is removed, rugs are placed into a large centrifuge to safely and quickly remove the large amounts of water that a rug absorbs during cleaning.

This process mimics ages-old drying techniques and delivers outstanding cleaning results that completely flush out the amazing amounts of soil that can build up in area rugs.

“We have begun a lifelong love affair with the beauty, history, and mystique of rugs from around the world. Every rug tells a story that we can only imagine. Caring for your treasures so they last a lifetime provides us with a deep satisfaction and guiding principle for our business,” says Robert Pettyjohn, owner and Master Rug Cleaner.

Why You Should Hire Us

As we all know, inviting a carpet cleaner into our humble abodes requires enormous trust. Since we at Pettyjohn’s want to be your cleaner for life, we encourage you to do your due diligence. We have found out that our clients have chosen us because of our reputation, our education, our experience, our systems, and our guarantee. Aren’t these important to you, too?