Oriental Rug Repair

Reliable Oriental Rug Repair in Wake Forest, North Carolina

An Oriental rug offers a floor furnishing that invites color, warmth, and beauty to your home. Even still, a rug of any kind is subject to significant wear and tear. From being walked on and having heavy furniture placed on top, to spills and fiber-eating moths, your Oriental rug may be starting to look dull. When you need Oriental rug repair, Pettyjohn’s answers your call.  

Pettyjohn’s has cared for Oriental rugs in the Wake Forest, Raleigh, and Greater Triangle area for nearly thirty years. We understand that your Oriental rug is an investment that you want to last for years to come. For this reason, we treat your floor coverings as we would our own. When you need Oriental rug repair that you can trust, call Pettyjohn’s today. 

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Common Oriental Rug Repairs 

Each rug is unique, as is the service we provide. As the trusted source for Oriental rug repair in Wake Forest, Pettyjohn’s has seen it all. We are comfortable and trained to make a myriad of mends to give your rug new life. Our Oriental rug repair services include:  


If you’ve noticed that the side of your Oriental rug is loose and frayed with the cotton foundation threads exposed, you’ll need our selvedge service. Our Oriental rug repair experts add a loop to fit the length of the rug, effectively repairing it to its original glory.  


Regular vacuuming takes a toll on rugs. If a hand-tied knot unravels, your Oriental rug needs a hemstitch to prevent further fraying. In instances where the fringe is destroyed, a new fringe can be sewn on instead.  

Fringe Repair 

Over time, you may notice that your Oriental rug’s fringe starts to fray and look worn. Depending upon if your rug is hand-knotted or machine-made, we will recommend either hand-stitched repair or power fringing. Either way, your rug will come back looking better than ever.


Unfortunately, severe damage such as tears or holes often affect Oriental rugs. For example, if a heavy piece of furniture is set atop the rug and water settles around the base, a hole may result. Our team can reweave and repile the rug, increasing the value. 


If, for some reason, your rug gets wet, the warp and weft strings that comprise the rug lose integrity. Through blocking, our team applies starch to the Oriental rug’s edges before holding them in place to uncurl the rug.  


Have a rug you love but no space for it on your floors? Hanging your Oriental rug on the wall is a great way to save room for other floor furnishings while also paying homage to the unique rug you already have. Our experts can add loops to your rug from which it can hang. 

What to Do When You Need Oriental Rug Repair 

When you notice damage to your Oriental rug, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pettyjohn’s team of Oriental rug repair technicians proudly serve the Wake Forest, Raleigh, and Greater Triangle area.  

oriental rug repair services

Time is of the Essence 

Rug repair works best when you catch the damage quickly. To maintain the useful life of your rug, and its appearance, you’ll want to ensure regular maintenance. Catching a fray when it happens can prevent a simple job from being an expensive project.  

Use a Professional

Your Oriental rug is an investment that you want to last years, and even generations, to come. When you need Oriental rug repairs, choosing an expert with the proper expertise and tools is of the utmost importance.  Pettyjohn’s team only make repairs that complement the original rug so as not to detract from its beauty or character.  Our experienced Oriental rug repair craftsman expertly handle your precious rug. 

Complimentary Rug Pick Up Within Our Normal Service Area

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Before and After Oriental Rug Repair

oriental rug repair, Oriental rug fringe repair, Oriental rug repair raleigh nc


oriental rug repair, Oriental rug fringe repair, Oriental rug repair raleigh nc