Tufted Rug Cleaning

Tufted Rug Cleaning in Wake Forest, Raleigh and Greater Triangle

Increasingly popular, hand tufted and machine tufted rugs are as unique as you can imagine! Pattern options are unlimited when it comes to tufted rugs, as manufacturers can produce rugs to look like anything you can dream up! From imitation wood-grain to faux Oriental designs to abstract brushstrokes, tufted rugs can really open the door to new design potential and Pettyjohn’s Cleaning is your number one source for tufted rug cleaning.

Tufted Rugs are all generally constructed in similar fashion – face yarns secured to a primary and secondary backing with an adhesive, usually latex. Poorly sourced latex can often be the weakest link in this chain. The latex may have a slight smell and may begin to delaminate over time, leaving a powdery white substance on the floor under the rug. Pettyjohn’s is able to repair and re-latex tufted rugs that are experiencing this delamination.

When it comes to tufted rug cleaning, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed can extend the life of your rug and reduce the frequency of professional cleanings. The tufted rug cleaning staff at Pettyjohn’s are trained to speak with you about your tufted rugs and what to expect when it comes time for cleaning. We can advise you on the best options for cleaning and repairing the latex backing as needed.

Pettyjohn’s: A Name You Can Trust

Contact Pettyjohn’s today and give your tufted rugs the care they deserve. Our company has been in the business of professional rug cleaning for more than 30+ years and experience has taught us that each rug must be treated with utmost care. We’re proud to say that our work has provided a healthier indoor environment to homes and establishments in the Wake Forest, Raleigh, and Greater Triangle area.

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