Rug Pad

Whether oriental, wool or braided, any gorgeous rug that stays in its best condition for a long time has a little secret hidden underneath – a rug pad. Rug pads protect rug materials from wearing out, facilitate maintenance of rugs and floors and prevent slippage. These and other benefits of rug pads make them a must-have item of any home decorated with rugs. Let us tell you more about why rug pads are so great.

Rug Protection

Quality rug pads protect your area rugs from damage and wearing out so that they will serve you longer without even being repaired. How does it work? Rug pads do not allow the debris and dirt particles trapped between the floor and a rug tear into rug materials. They also cushion the pressure of heavy furniture and traffic around your home, thus protecting your rugs from damage and deformation.   

Rug Pads Prevent Slippage

Rugs may inertly move when pressure is applied to one side of it, so the chances of slippage and injury while walking or running through the house are rather high. Rug pads make your rug rest firmly on the floor preventing the slippage. This is very important, especially in homes with older adults, children and pets. According to the studies, 37,991 adults ages 65 or older are treated for falls associated with carpets and rugs annually. And children are always children: why scold them for running if you can simply have rug pads to keep everything under control?

Rug Pads for Hardwood Floor Protection  

Rug pads protect the precious hardwood floor in a number of ways. First, it saves the floor from tints and dyers of the area rugs that can gradually wear off on the floor making its color change too. Second, grime and dirt that normally collect under the rug scratch and damage the floor surface. If rug pads are used, dirt and grime remain on the surface of a pad and can be easier cleaned while vacuuming. In addition, rug pads do not allow wet spills to reach the floor under the rug, which is particularly important for hardwood floor protection.  

Rug Pads for More Efficient Cleaning

Rug pads with air holes provide a space for airflow between a rug and the floor, which allows more efficient vacuuming. Thus, vacuums remove more dirt and debris from the fabric and help your rugs look great between professional cleaning. Moreover, rag puds prevent building up of bacteria and mildew under a rug due to excess moisture, which ensures better air quality in your house.   

Better Feel and Look

Rug pads cushion your steps and make the floor feel softer. This provides additional comfort you will easily recognize. Another advantage of rug pads is sound reduction they provide: cushioned quiet steps give the feeling of calmness to your home. If your neighbors bother you with marching all day long, you might also wish to recommend using rug pads to them too. In addition, to better feel and sound isolation, rugs pads prevent rugs from grinding against the floor. This way, your rugs always look their best.     

Rug Pads Cost

Pettyjohn’s charge $2 per square foot of a rug pad, which is a low-cost investment considering the value it provides. The longevity of your rugs and hardwood floor due to the use of rug pads make them pay themselves over very many times. Comfort and great look of your home with soft, clean and straight rugs in them will be a free bonus, which you might soon see as a good reason to invest into rug pads too.

Now, when you know all the benefits of rug pads, we are convinced that you want to join millions of people who already use rug pads for all rugs in their homes. Call Pettyjohn’s today at 919-556-4641 to discuss further details on rug pad types that will work best for you.