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Braided Rug Cleaning

Braided Rug Cleaning in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, NC

Braided rugs are among some of the most accessible types of rug that you can add to your home. They can be found in many places, from home décor and online stores to specialty rug shops. Though they are sold everywhere, braided rugs add a unique look to any floor. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be also be made of wool or old fabric. The simple designs used in braided rugs are far different from those used in oriental or Persian rugs, but they do capture the aesthetic vision of any homeowner. Pettyjohns offers braided rug cleaning in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas.

The use of braided rugs can be traced as far back as early Colonial America. Settlers would use old scraps of clothing and other excess materials to create a rug that would keep their floors warm. Though today’s braided rugs are commercially made, some brands are still manufactured the old-fashioned way. Because of its historic appeal and delicate materials, braided rug cleaning must be handled with care.

Braided rug cleaning is not like cleaning every other carpet. A lot of homeowners make simple cleaning mistakes, costing them the shape and appearance of their braided rug. There are times when the rug’s braids would loosen, and the natural colors would mix or become faded. If you are having problems maintaining the cleanliness of your braided rug, it is best that you contact Pettyjohn’s.

When Your Braided Rug needs to be Cleaned Call Pettyjohn’s

At Pettyjohn’s Cleaning & Restoration, we have the necessary equipment to properly clean all kinds of rugs. We understand that each piece has its own level of durability so we perform the necessary methods to preserve the rug’s form and appearance. If ever your rug is infested with mold or vermin, we will disinfect it to get rid of any hazardous substances. Your braided rug will be in good hands, so give us a call at 919-556-4641. We serve properties that are located in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle, Fayetteville and the surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Braided Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

It is possible to spare your braided rug from further damage. If the spillage or blemish is still manageable, keep the following rules in mind:

  • Do not use beater bars. Instead, use a vacuum with hard surface suction only.
  • Cotton braided rugs should not get wet because they soak up a lot of liquid. Avoid getting this rug stained.
  • Localized spot cleaning can be successful if the spot or spill is caught soon enough and the proper spot cleaning agent is utilized. If you need advice or recommendations on spot cleaning check out our spot cleaning page or give us a call!
  • Splits between the braids can be easily secured with nylon filament and a curved needle. If you are unable or unwilling to perform this repair, please advise us and we can take care of it for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Joseph Freeman
Joseph Freeman

16:51 07 Jun 19
They cleaned our very dirty car upholstery, and did an excellent job. I’d recommend them to anyone. A great experience.
Jim Kenny
Jim Kenny

01:10 02 May 19
Very helpful and transparent. I had a rug that was in bad shape and they told me that it would cost more to clean and repair than to replace.
Wayne Cottrell
Wayne Cottrell

22:44 25 Jan 19
I recently took my rug to get cleaned because after 7 years of use, it needed to be cleaned. Kids and dogs can do some damage. I picked the rug up today. It looks brand new. My wife couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend their services!
Carla Payne
Carla Payne

00:06 15 Jan 19
I appreciate Pettyjohn’s great service and using environmental supportive techniques. They do so much more than just rugs! While working with a client I accidentally spilled oil on my jeans. I dropped off a small rug and mentioned my jeans and they gave me a product to try and IT WORKED! Anything needing cleaning – give them a try. Need a rug rebound or cut – try Pettyjohns. Need furniture cleaned – yep, I’m calling Pettyjohns!
Skip Roy
Skip Roy

23:33 20 Jun 18
Pettyjohns cleans our carpets annually. The cleaning yesterday was outstanding. The carpet looks as good as new. A coke stain is totally gone and the carpets dried in less than 2 hours. Outstanding work.
Doug Nalley
Doug Nalley

19:55 03 Jan 18
Known Robert and Karen for years. Just had carpet and upholstery cleaned at home. On time, courteous technician, job well done, great price. Not much more to say than that. Highly recommend these fine people to you.
Ken Turner
Ken Turner

23:37 01 Dec 17
Pettyjohn’s is a top rate company. We have used them several times and are always pleased with the way the job gets done and the prices. They are an EXTREMELY reliable company with an excellent staff. Robert, Amy and the rest of the staff are the nicest people you will ever meet. I recommend them to anyone who needs carpet or fabric cleaning!!!

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