Rug Protector

At Pettyjohn’s, we clean rugs of all materials, shapes, and sizes, but to prolong the life and integrity of your rugs you should take and extra step outside of your routine cleaning – the application of our rug protector, Fiber ProTector®.

Fiber ProTector® by Pettyjohn’s is the most effective rug and fiber protector and is the first line of defense against spills, stains, and soil. When the rug protector is applied to a rug or upholstery, the Fiber ProTector® will form an invisible shield around the fibers, which will provide a barrier that will repel dust, oil and water-based spills. The Fiber ProTector® also makes for easy cleanup of spills.

rug protector

rug protector

upholstery protector

Benefits of Using a Rug Protector 


  • The Fiber ProTector® will significantly increase the lifespan of rugs, carpets, leathers, and other textiles and fibers while maintaining the original appearance and integrity
  • Easy stain release and removal
  • Reduced surface contact abrasion
  • Improved indoor air quality and reduced microbial growth
  • Ultra-violet protection 
  • More effective vacuuming 
  • More efficient professional cleaning 
  • Reduced chance of permanent staining 
  • Fiber ProTector® is harmless to humans, pets, and the environment

Even the finest silks and leathers will benefit from the protective properties of the Fiber ProTector®. The treatment can also be used on difficult to maintain and light-colored fabrics and will prolong the lifespan and minimize maintenance. 

In-Home Rug & Fiber Protector Application

The experts at Pettyjohn’s will provide protection treatments for your rugs, upholstery and other fibers in your home, corporate office, medical facilities or offices, clubs, hotels, and all other properties. The in-home application that we provide our customers allows a seamless process with minimal steps and shorter turnover time. Our rug protection services will prolong the lifespan of your rugs, making them look beautiful and brand new for years to come.

Fiber ProTector® vs. Scotchguard

Fiber ProTector®

  • Will completely penetrate the fibers and can withstand future cleanings from Pettyjohn’s.
  • Protect from UV Ray damages and reduce fading caused by the sun.
  • Will reduce smoke damage if the rug has been affected by a fire.
  • Fiber ProTector® can be used on any color and will not alter or disturb the integrity of the colors.

Scotchgard & Other Rug Protectors

  • It will not completely penetrate the fibers and will only protect as far as the spray has reached. Standard cleaning practices, like vacuuming, can disturb or remove the protector.
  • Scotchgard will protect from UV rays, however, other rug protectors will not. May not protect against fading from the sun.
  • Most rug and fiber protectors are toxic and will burn, providing no protection.
  • Other rug protectors have been known to change or “yellow” colored fibers.

fabric protector

More Than Just Rugs: Fabric Protector Application

By now, you know that Pettyjohn’s specializes in carpets and rugs. Were you aware that we offer protective applications for fabrics and upholstery too? Our fabric protector treatment provides a barrier around the fibers in your home, business, facilities, clubs, hotels, and other properties. Fiber ProTector® fabric protector lengthens the useful life of your fabrics and furnishings to keep them in excellent condition for years to come. Dust, dirt, grime, and oil and water-based stains are no match when you have Fiber ProTector® and Pettyjohn’s on your team.

Our fabric protector is suitable for all fabrics, colors, and materials. We treat cloth and leather upholstery, chairs, curtains, drapes, linens, blankets, and rugs. Trust Fiber ProTector® to maintain the original integrity and aesthetic of your upholstered furnishings. In-home application saves you time, money, and effort by allowing for seamless application with minimal turnover time.

Why Invest In Rug Protection?

All rugs, upholstery and other fibrous materials will eventually require maintenance or stain cleanings. Our Fiber ProTector® treatments will not stop spills or dirt trails on your rugs or upholstery, but the treatment will allow for easier stain removal, and reduced intervals of deep cleaning. Resulting in time and money savings from cleaning and repairs. 

What’s included in your professional Rug protection treatment? 

  • Unlimited free Proflekk® spot remover 
  • Unlimited maintenance and cleaning advice
  • Membership in Pettyjohn’s Always Be Clean® program

If you have any questions about our Rug Fiber ProTector by Pettyjohn’s, contact Pettyjohn’s today at 919-371-5573! We service Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and neighboring North Carolina areas.