Top 5 Things To Know About Rug Cleaning
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Top 5 Things To Know About Having Your Rugs Cleaned

Perhaps you already use Pettyjohn’s rug cleaning services. Or, maybe you’re curious about it but haven’t yet booked a cleaning. Either way, there are some important things to know. We have compiled the top five things you should know about having your rugs cleaned.


When a rug is removed from the home, its absence is likely noticed! While you’re focused on the blank space in the floor, take the time to deep clean all the nooks and crannies! Vacuuming corners and mopping the hard floors under the rug is much easier to do while the rug is out.


Our incredibly thorough, multi-step cleaning process will blow you away! From the detailed pre-inspection to the meticulous finishing work, every step in our cleaning process is fine-tuned to leave your rug as clean and healthy as possible. No one will come behind us and do it better! Next time you’re in the area, drop by for a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening at the rug spa!


Upgrade your clean rug with a new pad! Do you wear dirty socks after taking a shower? If your rug contained pet accidents, chances are your pad did too. Replacing the pad at the time of cleaning is a smart, healthy decision. A quality pad is more comfy underfoot, less stressful on the foundation of the rug, and helps to protect the hard floor underneath the rug.

Applying a protective coating to your rug after cleaning will help you maintain the rug’s appearance! Regular vacuuming and immediate attention to spots and spills is so much easier when Fiber ProTector is applied to your freshly cleaned rug.


Learn more about your rug than you ever wanted to know! If you have questions, we would love to chat with you. While we are inspecting your rug, we can discuss inherent characteristics like white knots, hard twists, and luster wash! From how rugs are made to where they are made, there’s a lot to see! We like rugs and we like sharing rug knowledge with you!


After your clean rug is returned, you will want to be prepared to keep it looking clean! By applying a protective coating to the clean rug, we are able to help buy some time if something spills. The two best DIY tricks for keeping your rug cleaner, longer are:

Regular vacuuming.

The regular removal of abrasive, dry soiling will slow down the time it takes your rug to look “dirty.” That abrasive soiling (aka dirt) is also the main culprit that causes your rug to show wear faster than it should.

Immediate attention to spots and spills.

When a drink spills or a bowl tips over, the best time to deal with that situation is NOW! Simple spills can become permanent stains when left unattended to. BLOT a spill (never scrub!) and use a mild spotting solution like Pettyjohn’s spot cleaner to help when needed. Download our Spot and Spill Guide to learn more about spot cleaning.

Pettyjohn’s Is Here When You Need Your Rugs Cleaned.

Once you’re ready to have your precious rugs cleaned, give us a call to schedule a pick up. Or, drop by our shop with your rugs and receive a special Drop Off Discount on the washing. 919-556-4641 and driving directions here.

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