Knotted Rug Cleaning

A Hand-knotted rug is an investment which requires proper care and cleaning. Hand-knotting is one of the most labor-intensive rug making techniques. Individual knots are tied to the yarn which makes up the length of the rug. Then, these knots make up the surface or pile of the rug. They are the most durable rugs due to this construction process. Based on the construction of the rug, knotted rugs can last for generations. Therefore, it’s essential to have your knotted rug professionally cleaned once or twice a year. An expert rug cleaner will be able to tell you the type of material and dye to be used after evaluating your knotted rug. If you are wondering how to clean knotted rugs, follow these tips to extend the life of your knotted rug.

hand knotted rug

Cleaning Your Hand-Knotted Rug

1.     It’s best to vacuum your rug once or twice a month. Sand and dirt accumulate in the pile foundation where rough actions can damage the wool and result in loss of pile. Vacuum your hand made rug with a suction add-on. When vacuuming, keep in mind to vacuum from side to side – not end to end. Don’t use the beater brush for eliminating dirt from the surface as it will reduce the pile with every use, which can shorten the life of your rug.

2.     In case food or liquids spill onto a rug, clean them immediately. First, blot up the excess fluid and then use warm soap and water with a cleaning cloth to remove the stains. Remember not to use the cleaning agent as it might affect the dyes and make permanent color changes. Before placing the rug, make sure that the top and undersurfaces are completely dry. Failure to do so can result in mold, mildew, and dry rot with significant damages. When a knotted rug stays wet for too long, they become musty and rot.

3.     Never dry clean your hand knotted rugs using powders. It will only refine the surface and leave a considerable quantity of excess dirt. Never think about steam cleaning your hand knotted rug as this will cause dye bleeding and shrink wool fibers. Hand-knotted rugs need to be carefully dusted to eliminate dirt before washing. Only vacuuming the rug won’t get the job done. If not correctly done, the soil solidifies in the base of the rug and makes them rigid and brittle.

4.     Each quality hand knotted rug requires a rug pad to extend its life. This premium rug pad is double the width of an average pad, which helps to avoid an accident by keeping it in place.

5.     Rugs need to be checked occasionally for signs of insect infiltration, which might be caused by several reasons such as pets, flowers, or food. Your rug’s worst enemy is the moth. Moth damage can occur at any place but typically happens under furniture in areas not vacuumed regularly. The long-lasting and best repellent for moths is zinc or magnesium fluorosilicate that last till a rug is cleaned.  Numerous other moth treatment methods remain effective only for a few months. Thus, it is important to ensure that any of your rugs partly covered by furniture is cleaned correctly.

6.     Your knotted rug should be rotated 180 degrees occasionally to reduce wear from traffic patterns and to even out any sun dying. Turn your hand knotted rug from time to time so that they don’t always get walked on in the same places. The marks from furniture can be removed by wetting the depressed areas and then allow them to dry naturally. With time they will disappear because of the resilience of high-quality rug material.

7.     Hand-knotted rugs will fade if exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. In case your rug is getting too much exposure to sunlight, consider adding window treatment to shade the sun to prevent sun damage. You can also reduce the effects of fading by drawing blinds or draperies.

8.     The best option is always to get your rug cleaned professionally. Higher traffic will expose your rug to more dirt and dust. You first need to check the girt load on the carpet by placing a piece of paper on the surface. Fold the rug’s corner over the paper and whack the back.

Knotted rug cleaning is a difficult process, but if you follow these tips, your hand knotted rugs will look beautiful and will last for years.