Rug Cleaning Chapel Hill NC

Rug Cleaning Services in Chapel Hill NC

When you need professional rug cleaning services in Chapel Hill, look no further than Pettyjohn’s Carpet & Rug Cleaning. We have been helping home and business owners in Chapel Hill NC for over 30 years. Pettyjohn’s is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing the best quality services possible. To receive a free rug cleaning Chapel Hill NC inspection and estimate, give us a call today!

Benefits of Rug Cleaning Chapel Hill

Some of the benefits of rug cleaning include:

  • High Quality Rug Cleaning – The equipment used at Pettyjohn’s is professional grade, and will leave your rugs far cleaner than any equipment you can rent, without causing any damage.
  • Rug Cleaning Experts – Pettyjohn’s has over 3 decades of experience removing stains and odors from practically any type of rug. Our experience allows us to determine the best method of cleaning for your rug based on the material, condition, and age of the rug..
  • Pain Free Cleaning – When you hire Pettyjohn’s, we take care of the entire cleaning process. This process can be quite labor intensive, messy, and of course there is always the chance that you may cause damage to your rug. Our team of technicians will clean your carpets quickly, making the process as pain free as possible.
  • Extended Lifespan – Dirty carpets actually age faster and require replacing quicker. Having your rugs cleaned regularly will help remove any dirt and grime that could lead to premature damage while making your rugs look and feel better.

Benefits of Rug Cleaning Chapel Hill NC

Complimentary Rug Pick Up Within Our Normal Service Area

$200 Minimum. Rug Must be Rolled and Ready to Pick Up. Surcharge Applied for Buildings With Elevators & Limited Accessibility

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Area Rug Cleaning in Chapel Hill NC

Adding an area rug in your house or business is a great way to improve the appearance of a room without making major changes, but as time goes by rugs get dirty and can begin detracting from the appearance of that room. To prevent this, it can be a really good idea to maintain your rugs with regular cleanings, even one cleaning a year can significantly improve the lifespan and appearance of your rugs. If you run a business, or simply don’t have the time to let our cleaning team complete the cleaning process on site, we can pick it up at your property and drop it back off after our cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Process

As a family owned business, Pettyjohn’s provides a sense of morality that you may not find from companies that are focused solely on the bottom line. This morality manifests in our use of green cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for both people and pets. At Pettyjohn’s, we formulate our own cleaning products that offer the same level of deep cleaning you can expect from industrial products while also providing the benefits of being natural and eco-friendly. Ask us about our 100% natural rug cleaning services.

Chapel Hill NC

Chapel Hill is home to nearly 60 thousand people and UNC-Chapel Hill. It has been named “America’s Foodiest Small Town” by Bon Appetit Magazine, and is quickly becoming a hot spot for American cuisine. The city is lively, and has a history of attracting authors, musicians, and artists.