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Rug Cleaning Services in Garner NC

All rugs will eventually start to look downtrodden and worn out, no matter what we do. Luckily for you, Pettyjohn’s Rug Cleaning has spent more than 30 years in mastering the trade of rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning services in Garner, North Carolina stand out above the rest simply because we work hard to get your rugs thoroughly clean. Find out why we are regularly rated as the #1 local rug cleaning Garner NC company.

Professional Rug Cleaning Benefits:

  • High Quality Rug Cleaning –When it comes to proper rug maintenance, rented cleaners from your local hardware store simply won’t cut it. Using professional equipment and a professional rug cleaning company means that you will get a deeper cleaning that does not damage your rugs.
  • Rug Cleaning Experts – Pettyjohn’s has 30+ years of experience, and it shows. This allows us to handle any rug out there with ease and confidence. Through the years we have faced almost every possible stain and odor that you can think about. We know how to use different techniques for different rugs, when to use which product and much more. All of this adds up to your rugs being cleaner and healthier for you and your family.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning – Pettyjohn’s Rug Cleaners is known to work with efficiently. Your rugs will be looking and smelling like new in no time. Not only will this save your precious time, but possibly money, as well as potential damages to your rugs.
  • Extended Lifespan – Professional rug cleaning Garner will minimize damages to your rug and provide you with proper maintenance tips. Our experience has shown that when these tips are followed, rugs and carpets have a much longer lifespan. With a bit of regular cleaning and general upkeep, your rugs will be looking, feeling, and smelling fresh and clean.

Rug Cleaning Garner

Complimentary Rug Pick Up Within Our Normal Service Area

$200 Minimum. Rug Must be Rolled and Ready to Pick Up. Surcharge Applied for Buildings With Elevators & Limited Accessibility

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Your Trusted Area Rug Cleaning Company in Garner NC

Area rugs are one of the most popular floor decorations for a reason. But once they start looking used and tarnished, their special touch to the room starts to fade. With a professional cleaning, your rugs will be given a brand-new look. Rugs will smell better and feel softer.

Usually rugs that are placed in bright sunlit areas, or in areas with a lot of foot traffic will need cleaning every year or two. You can ask us for tips on how to maintain your specific rug. Pettyjohn’s also offers door to door cleaning service, meaning that we save your time by picking up the rug and dropping it back after the cleaning. You can also drop it off at our rug cleaning plant located in Wake Forest, NC if you are in the neighborhood.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

Pettyjohns’s has spent many years developing our line of eco-friendly products. They are better for the environment and better for your rugs than anything that could be found on supermarket shelves. They provide a deep cleaning while at the same time are very gentle to nature. You will get all the benefits of a professional top-notch product, while not having to worry about the impact you have on the world around you. Ask us about our 100% natural rug cleaning services.


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