Carpet Cleaning Wake Forest, NC

If you need professional carpet cleaning in the Wake Forest, NC area, look no further than the experts at Pettyjohn’s. Our team of licensed carpet cleaning technicians have the experience and equipment to remove even the toughest stains and odors from your flooring in a quick and efficient manner. Regularly vacuuming your carpet will keep it clean of excessive dirt, hair and grime, but when it comes to extending the life or your carpets or removing stains and odors, it’s best to get help from a professional carpet cleaning service provider. If you’re looking for a company that uses an eco-friendly natural carpet cleaner, look no further, Pettyjohn’s Carpeting cleaning also has 100% green organic products.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Wake Forest Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are the most popular flooring option in the United States, but not enough people understand the impact they have on your home. By trapping dirt, grime, bacteria, and allergens, carpets play a large role in maintaining healthy indoor air quality. People with respiratory issues or allergies can really suffer from dirty carpets, not to mention inconsistent cleaning can negatively impact the lifespan of your flooring. For these reasons, among others, it’s a great idea to call your local carpet cleaning professionals to schedule your cleaning today.

While the DIY method is certainly enticing from a financial perspective, the problem is that any rental piece of equipment is substantially inferior to our commercial-grade portable steam cleaners and truck-mounted units. These rental machines provide insufficient suction power which will leave excess moisture in the carpet fibers which can lead to even more damage. Call you local experts at Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning to set up a carpet cleaning that meets your needs. If you would like more information on flooring, download these fact sheets.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  • Looks Better – Opting for professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year will improve the appearance and the longevity of your carpets. Neglecting your carpets can make stains and odors much harder to remove, potentially resulting in permanent damage.
  • Is Healthier – Carpets can trap bacteria, debris, dust, allergens and other airborne pollutants that enter your home. All of these trapped irritants can lead to poor air quality in your home and may end up causing respiratory issues. Scheduling a professional cleaning can remove these irritants and will result in an improved air quality.
  • Last Longer – Scheduling a couple cleanings per year will keep your carpets from taking on unnecessary damage, extending the life of your carpets significantly, making these cleanings a great return on investment.

Area Rug Cleaning in Wake Forest, NC

Pettyjohn’s Cleaning & Restoration is your locally trusted rug care specialists in Wake Forest, North Carolina. With over 3 decades of experience in the area, Pettyjohn’s has been providing industry leading cleaning, spot removal, fiber protection, repair, mold remediation, and odor removal services for owners of wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs, and precious Oriental rugs.

Types of Rugs That We Clean:

Wake Forest, NC

Wake Forest is a town in Franklin and Wake counties which lies just north of the North Carolina state capital of Raleigh. Originally known as the Forest of Wake, this Raleigh suburb has increased in popularity lately, growing over 50% in population over the last decade alone. Wake Forest pairs small town charm with seemingly endless activities like very few cities do. Whether you want to enjoy the nature, like beautiful hikes and lakeside attractions, or you want to partake in the riches of classic and classy restaurants and microbreweries that litter the town, there is something here for everyone.