How To Clean Your Tile & Grout
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How To Clean Your Tile & Grout

Grout is a mixture of construction materials like water, cement, and sand, which is used to embed building elements like tile flooring. As the tiles are laid out, the gaps between them are also filled with grout, creating seamless joints between the tiles.

Hardened grout is often porous, so dirt and grime can easily contaminate the material and make it look filthy. But while keeping the grout lines of your tile floors can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be an absolute burden. For one thing, you can easily call our cleaning professionals at Pettyjohn’s so that they can bring back the spotless appearance of your grout. Our tile and grout cleaning process is guaranteed to remove deep-seated dirt, making your tiles look brand new again.

In between professional cleanings, there are many things you can do at home to make sure that your tile’s grout lines will remain clean for longer.

Seal your grout – Protecting your grout with a sealant can help prevent water damage, and it also protects your tiles’ grout lines from dirt and from staining. You can have a professional contractor seal your grout for you, or you can also choose to do it yourself. Before sealing your tile’s grout lines, make sure that they are in good condition, meaning they shouldn’t be chipped, damaged, or fraying, which will make the material weak even if sealed. Retouch all damaged portions before doing the sealing process.

Clean your tiles regularly – Follow this advice especially if the tiles were installed on your floors. Regularly cleaning your tiles means there will be less time for dirt to collect on the grout. Use a dry broom or mop to sweep the dirt off your floor before cleaning it wet with your choice of tile cleaning solution. There are many cleaning solutions made especially for tiles, but always test a cleaner out on a small area first before applying it on the entirety of your floors or walls. Check if it’s working as it should be or if it’s causing a detrimental effect.

Brush when necessary – Depending on the condition of your grout, you might need to do some brushing to remove the dirt. An old toothbrush can be just as effective as any commercially available grout brushes out there. Avoid using brushes with metal bristles because these can actually damage your grout and do more harm than good.
Natural cleaners could work – Try mixing baking soda or vinegar with water and cleaning your tiles with it. However, do take note that many natural stones, especially marble, is sensitive to acid, so you shouldn’t use vinegar if your floors or walls are covered in them.

Don’t let messes sit for too long – Food stains, pet urine, paint, and other staining items can permanently tarnish your tile’s grout if you let them sit for too long. It’s important to clean any type of mess immediately.

Be careful with heavy objects – No matter how strong you think your tile flooring may be, never slide heavy furniture and appliances over it. If a household item is too heavy and you have no choice but to push or pull, slip something under its legs or stand so that you will be able to slide it easily. A non-abrasive piece of fabric or cardboard will do the trick.

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