Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone Cleaning Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill NC

Natural stone is often used in luxurious homes to provide a gorgeous alternative to ceramic tile flooring. Natural stone cleaning and regular maintenance on these surfaces is imperative in order to maintain the appearance and integrity of the natural stone surface. Materials like travertine, granite, marble, and others are very porous, therefore maintenance on natural stone requires a slightly different approach than standard flooring like ceramic tile. The gentle cleaning agents that are required to avoid damaging the stone are often less effective on the grout lines. This is something we will discuss prior to cleaning. The natural stone cleaning technicians at Pettyjohn’s are trained to clean and seal your floors with care and precision.

If the delicate and porous surface of the natural stone is not properly sealed from the beginning, then soils, dust, and other contaminants can become easily embedded in the stone. Pettyjohn’s recommends applying a sealant to natural stone surfaces after cleaning. The sealant will retard soiling and make future cleanings more effective. It is safe to apply to the stone and also to the grout lines.

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