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How To Dust Rugs

Did you know that up to 80% of the soil in your rugs is dry dirt? A large portion of that dirt can and should be removed before cleaning them.

Professionals use a specialized machine that loosens the dust particles from deep within. While you won’t be able to do quite the same job as someone with professional equipment, you can definitely dust your rugs at home and keep them much cleaner year-round.

Why Do I Need to Dust My Rugs?

You might think cleaning your rugs should be enough, but you would be missing something important. For example, consider your favorite jeans or sweatshirt. If you go out in the woods and get mud all over your clothes, you wouldn’t just throw them straight into the washing machine. Instead, you’d brush them off and remove the excess dirt first. In short, dusting your rugs essentially does the same thing before cleaning.

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