Pettyjohn’s Rug Cleaning Process
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Pettyjohn’s Rug Cleaning Process

When you seek professional rug cleaning services, you want assurance that the rug cleaning company is able to handle the job properly. Regular carpet cleaning machines are not made to clean rugs, and instead can severely damage their integrity. Additionally, carpet cleaning machines saturate the rug with water and cleaning agents, leaving behind a nuisance odor and the need for proper re-cleaning.  

Pettyjohn’s understands the intricacies of rug cleaning, and as such, has developed a proven rug cleaning process. Each rug is cleaned on a case-by-case basis to ensure that issues such as urine odor or stains are completely removed. We care for your rug as if it were our own and believe in full transparency. For this reason, Pettyjohn’s is sharing insight on our rug cleaning process. 

The Rug Cleaning Process 

Ever wondered how we make your rug look and feel so good? Here is our step-by-step rug cleaning process:

tumble dusting

1. Tumble Dusting

First, we place the rug in our tumble duster. This process disrupts larger particles such as dirt and sand from the rug. 



air dusting

2. Air Dusting

Next, fine particulate matter such as dust and skin cells are removed with air dusting. This phase reaches dust and dirt that the vacuum cannot reach.




wash tub3. Wash Tub

Your rug takes a dip in our 1,200-gallon wash tub with effective cleaning agents that are tailored for your rug’s needs.  Your rug will stay in the wash tub as long as necessary to remove water soluble soils.



4. Gentle Agitation

The rug is agitated again to release more soluble soils. 




detail work

5. Detail Work

During this portion of the rug cleaning process, we clean any fringe, spots, and stains. 




rinse ringer

6. Rinse Ringer

The rug then receives a gentle rinse with water before entering the ‘ringer.’ This machine squeezes the bulk of the water and cleaning solutions from the rug. 





7. Centrifuge

Any remaining moisture is removed while in the centrifuge, much like the spin cycle on your washing machine. This ensures that your rug does not suffer from that familiar wet dog smell. 





8. Grooming

Next, we groom the rug’s fibers in the correct direction to allow for even drying.






9. Drying

Finally, Pettyjohn’s dries the rug with the world’s most advance drying system. This part of the rug cleaning process typically occurs overnight within six to eight hours.




rug pad

10. Pad / Protector

Once your rug is dry, it is time for a new pad to be cut and protector to be added.  This step is optional but highly encouraged.





rug storage11. Rug Storage

Once we’ve completed the rug cleaning process, your rug is stored in a climate-controlled environment and is ready for pick-up or delivery.



**Throughout this entire process there is a professional rug cleaning supervisor that determines whether or not a rug is suitable for any of the phases mentioned above.**


Pettyjohn’s Has Mastered the Rug Cleaning Process 

Pettyjohn’s is your trusted choice for completing the rug cleaning process in Raleigh NC, Wake Forest NC, and surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and treat our customers like family. When you need a rug cleaning company that has mastered the rug cleaning process, look no further than Pettyjohn’s. 

Pettyjohn’s is a proud user of all American made equipment manufactured by
Centrum Force in Ann Arbor, MI.

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