Pettyjohn’s Going Solar & Our Sustainability Efforts

Pettyjohn’s Goes Solar

going solar pettyjohns cleaning

Pettyjohn’s Cleaning Now Has Clean Energy With Solar! Pettyjohn’s Cleaning has always taken measures throughout their 30 years in business to make sure they are taking the extra steps towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly and sustainable workplace. We not only care about our customers and employees but also about our planet. That’s why we have decided to go with NC Solar Now for our solar installation on the Pettyjohn’s Cleaning facility in Wake Forest! These are the types of steps that help bring our eco carbon footprint closer to zero as a company. Our values lie in not only being the best company we can for our customers but to the plant as well.

installing solar panels pettyjohns

Here are some of the benefits of going solar:

Residential Solar

  • 30% dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit and utility incentives.
  • Savings in Energy Costs – a typical customer see’s their energy bill drastically decreased or eliminated.
  • Solar increases the value of your property.
  • $500 OFF your solar installation when you mention promo code PJSOLAR

Commercial Solar

  • Tax and utility incentives that can cover as much as 70 percent of the system cost.
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Accelerated depreciation schedule for solar, providing a fast return on investment.
  • $1,000 OFF your solar installation when you mention promo code PJSOLARCOM

Meet NC Solar Now:

Hi! We are the top solar installer in NC and are proud have had the opportunity to install solar on Pettyjohn’s Cleaning. It’s partnerships like these that help grow NC solar and contribute towards a cleaner future for all. If you like what you see you can reach us anytime at 919-833-9096 or and visit us online at

That’s not the only thing though that Pettyjohn’s Cleaning does to keep a small carbon footprint, we also:

  • Recycle rainwater to use for carpet cleaning
  • Paperless office (wherever it’s possible)
  • Energy efficiency appliances
  • Much more

Call us anytime for a tour of our facilities!

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