Training Your Dog to Avoid Carpet Potty Accidents

A smiling girl holding her golden retriever puppyFor most of us, companion animals are not just pets, they are practically family. But our pooches can sometimes give us a tremendous headache when they decide to relieve themselves on our carpets. One moment you have a pristine, fresh-looking carpet, and the next, you have a carpet with a pee stain and a foul odor to boot! So, how do you go about training your dog to avoid such accidents in the future? Read on and find out.


  • Start early – It’s best to housetrain a dog when he is still a puppy. However, make no mistake about it. Adult dogs can be housebroken as well, and you only need to read about the many successful cases of rescue dogs being able to integrate well with the lifestyle of their new families to know that housetraining your pet is still possible even when it’s done later in life.
  • Set up a routine – The good news is that most dogs are conditioned never to pee or defecate in the place where they sleep and play in. Furthermore, dogs have an efficient digestive system that makes them want to pee and defecate just minutes to half an hour after they eat. Be consistent with your feeding hours, as well as the times when you bring out your dog to eliminate. It’s also best to bring your dog to the same place everyday to do his business, because scents from previous trips can serve as a trigger for your pet that he can do the same thing there over and over again.
  • Bring your dog out frequently – Honestly, just how long do you think can your dog hold it? If you need to pee several times a day, do does your dog! Take him outside around every two hours. It is also recommended to bring your dog out immediately after waking up, just before bed time, and after playing and eating.
  • Don’t stress your dog out – Your dog will be able to tell that you’re upset at him when you’re trying to rush him to relieve himself.
  • Catch your dog while he’s doing it – If you catch your dog peeing or defecating on your carpet or anywhere else inside the house, call his attention by making a loud sound, like clapping. Only do this when the dog is actually in the middle of doing the misbehavior, not after he has done it.
  • Reward good behavior for positive reinforcement – Never punish your dog for defecating or peeing on your carpet. Just remove him from the indoors and bring him to the place where you want him to do it. When he does his business outside, make sure to reward him with treats and praises. “That’s a good boy!”
  • Be mindful of what your dog’s trying to tell you – Some dogs scratch at the door or play with their leash when they want to go out to eliminate. Pay attention to signs like these to avoid carpet potty accidents.


With the right attitude and a good amount of patience, you can successfully housebreak your dog. However, potty accidents can still happen sometimes, and when they do, they can make your carpet very undesirable, indeed. Thankfully, Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services can help you remove the toughest pet stains and pet odors from your carpet flooring. Call us now at 919-289-8424 to learn more.